DIY: “So little time … so little space …”

… so little money? 🙂

I have a loft full of boxes of gadgets and gizmos and am sad to say that many of them simply don’t get the attention that they deserve but for a while now I have been looking to house a particular collection of mine ….

Now out of some kind of weird curiosity I find that I check “what’s new” on Facebook marketplace (perhaps a little more than I should?) However it paid dividends the other day when I spotted this:

The price was definitely right and the description said it was in perfect condition and so I messaged back my interest and secured the cabinet for an immediate pick up!.

By way of explanation I had been looking for a suitable display cabinet to show off my growing collection of ‘uniquely geeky’ gadgets that I have been accumulating over the last few years. I wanted something that would go on the wall of my “man cave / home cinema” and this looked like just the job.

The only problem I had was the lack of shelving but a quick call to my nephew (who is an extremely talented model maker – more on that in a later post) and he confirmed that he could use a laser cutting machine to cut out some acrylic shelving to the appropriate size. We discussed various different colours and types and settled on “3mm frosted acrylic”. Being aware of some of the items that I was planning to display he also suggested cutting in some funneling for power leads – I agreed that this would be good for a “phase 2” when the “Man Cave” migrates out to the log cabin in our garden (due some time in early 2020).

I decided to go ahead and fix the unit in place so that I could get an idea of lighting requirements etc:

By a happy coincidence the unit in it’s intended position actually gets a shot of light from the existing lighting in the room!

To be continued ……

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