Virtual Reality: “HP Reverb on a budget?”

So, on a budget but still want to get full bang for your buck from your HP Reverb Purchase?

Heres what I did:

I picked up this “old” workstation from ITZoo – processor is not much shakes but I like the 64GB RAM and the chassis makes upgrading very easy:

Next I go to EBAY for a secondhand 1080 GPU:

I made an offer of £270 and won this card.

The Z240 is a lovely device to work with – everything is easy to remove and there is so much upgrade pottential in that Chassis (I’m looking at you 1TB Hard Drive – you are going to be playing second fiddle just as soon as I find a good SSD deal!)

TOTAL SPEND: £513, slightly over my £500 budget and I haven’t fitted an SSD yet (I do have a 256GB SSD floating around somewhere so I might have to press that into service in the short term)

How does it perform?

First impressions is that the Reverb is “epic”. I cannot say just how much of a difference the higher resolution brings, not just clear text but everything is clear and more life like. I cannot wait to explore further ….

Project Cars 2
I thought this would be good to show the clarity of the headset to it’s full potential and boy … it shines … it’s like being in the car (with my glasses on!). Everything is really clear. I even bumped up the visual engine to 150% and am still getting fabulous performance. At some stage I will check how hot the CPU is running but the GPU seems to be handling things just fine, very happy! 🙂

(This post is a work in progress …)

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