Virtual Reality: “HP Reverb on a Surface Laptop?”

Can I really run a top end VR headset from a business oriented Laptop?

Sure, anyone can put an HP Reverb on a Surface Laptop (see photo) but that’s not what I am talking about 😉

… So I noticed that there were a couple of spare cables in the box with my HP Reverb; one that connects the Headset with a Laptop using a fairly short cable that is ideal if you have your Laptop in your backpack and another “Mini Display Port adapter” for if you want to run your longer cable from your Laptop while the laptop sits on your desk.
And I wondered what my Surface Laptop would make of it, especially given that it has no dedicated GPU …

… but I liked the idea of being able to pop the laptop on my back and go outdoors with the Reverb and so ….

When I plugged in Windows 10 launched the following window and I hit “get started”.

… as I suspected the graphics card fails the test but I pressed on regardless …

… and in we go.

Apart from a noticeably lower refresh rate my initial experiences are pretty good, Text is the clearest I have ever experienced in VR, dedicated GPU or not!. I was able to check out a few of the default experiences that were presented to me in the cliff house and even a few Web VR pages in Edge worked well. I was left thinking that this might be a good option for a lengthy plane flight, not just for watching films but maybe (if I was feeling brave) a little shoot em up!

… So what if I push it a little harder?

Arizona Sunshine
After a quick download pardon my humor, it is 14GB! to my laptop I fired up this game and … away we go …
Now at this point I have to say that I gave up waiting after “loading” showed for 60 seconds.

I decided to try something else:

This loaded OK but as soon as I started moving my controllers I realized that it wasn’t going to be playable as the on screen controllers were simply not keeping up with their real life counterparts.


Great for watching videos and hanging out in the cliffhouse and maybe doing a little work (I managed to get Browser and Word up, do a little typing and also have an Excel session open with a little cut and pasting without any problems) but bottom line is while the Surface Laptop will run the HP reverb it (unsurprisingly) lacks the gaming grunt to do it justice.

NB My Surface Laptop 2 has an i5 and 8GB RAM.

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