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Win – Win with Nokia’s DVLUP World Domination Challenge!


I have been a part of Nokia’ developer program for quite a while and thought I would take the time to point out a particular recent challenge in its’ DVLUP program that represents a quick win on three counts:

1.  The Challenge doesn’t require a new version of the App so consequently is very quick to implement.

2. You gain entry to a significant number of new Phone markets (equals increased revenue!) by completing this challenge.

3. It’s maybe one of the easiest ways to get 100 xp points in the DVLUP program!

For details of the DVLUP program and this challenge check out this link:

When going through my own apps for this challenge I was surprised to find that the majority of them were not already submitted to all potential markets so I consider this challenge to have done me a service!  Thanks DVLUP!

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