The PKU2U protocol encountered an error while attempting to utilize the associated certificates.


I am getting the following error when trying to remotely logon from a 32bit Win8 DP Client to another (64Bit) PC also running Windows 8 DP.   The issue only occurs from the Win8 machine (I can access the remote machine fine from other machines running Windows 7)image

If anyone can cast any light on this please let me know.  I will post the answer here in case anyone else has the same problem.

This looks to be associated with the following COM error for ‘security & setup’:


Temporary Workaround

You can get past this issue in the short term by compromising the security settings of the host PC.  This is probably not quite as bad a risk as it seems.  I changed the setting from the Network Level Authentication (more secure) setting to the one shown below.


Provided my /your local network is secure I don’t think this should cause me/us any issues

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